How to Accessorise Your Garage Door

How to Accessorise Your Garage Door

Security is essential when it comes to your garage. It can take just seconds to break into some older garage doors and the number of burglars targeting garages across the UK is increasing, especially at this time of the year.


Homeowners are going in and out of their garage for gardening tools or to get the kid’s bikes, or leaving the door open whilst working outside, therefore leaving the valuable contents on display. So you must ensure it is closed as much as possible and locked properly to prevent a break-in.

How can you maximise garage security? With reliable, robust accessories of course. But that doesn’t mean that style has to go out the window. There are various accessories available for side hinged garage doors as well as up and over doors that can make the garage more functional and stylish as well as adding security.

Here are some of the accessories you might need:


New Select Side-hinged and personnel doors can be ordered with Euro profile locks and bars.

For existing doors, a simple but effective option is to fit extra bolts/ locks internally where there is other access to the garage. If that’s not possible and external access is essential you can fit door defenders, lockable bolts and lockable posts.

Alarm and automatic lighting

Installing an alarm and automatic lighting can be relatively simple measures that can deter burglars. Install lighting that becomes activated when the motion sensor is triggered.


Electric door openers can be fitted to many new and existing garage doors improving convenience and security with remote operation from the comfort of your car. With some openers, you can now even operate your door from your smartphone anywhere in the world!

Door stays

Got a side-hinged door fitted on your garage? The great benefit of them is that they have a split door so you can open one side for easy entry whilst keeping the other half-closed. However, when getting your car in and out you don’t want the doors accidentally closing!

Keep both doors held open whilst driving through with door stays.

Door handles and hinges

Finishing touches can complete the look and complement the rest of the exterior decor. If the house door furnishings are in chrome, it makes sense to carry the theme throughout to the garage. Or, if you have a more traditional decor, antique brass may be ideal for you.

Draft Strips

Up & Over garage doors need a gap at the bottom to operate and uneven floors can exaggerate this gap. Rubber or brush strips can be fitted to help reduce drafts and debris blowing under the door.

So there are some of the accessories you may want to consider for a more secure, stylish and functional garage door. If you want more information email us at

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