5 Questions When Replacing a Garage Door

replacing a garage door

Replacing a Garage Door – 5 Questions to Ask Your Customer

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when trying to make a property stand out for a customer’s home improvement project, but replacing a garage door is an effective method that can massively increase the kerb appeal of any home, especially if it’s a newer build property where a lot of the houses look the same.

1. Ask What they Do and Don’t Like

Everybody has different styles and tastes, and if you want to stand out as a premium home improvement business, ask your customers about their likes and dislikes.

Functionality may be a key factor in their decision, but they may also just want a simple up and over garage door. Like with all major purchases, your customer will want to feel that they have time to make an informed decision.  Therefore, exploring the different options will help them to feel more comfortable.

2. Add Some Colour

The best way to increase kerb appeal is to add some colour when replacing a garage door. Although it does need to match the front door, changing up the colour is an excellent way to make the property stand out.

Black and grey garage doors are on-trend at the moment and provide a contemporary look to the home.  Therefore, it is important to establish if the customer wants to go for a traditional or modern garage door.

It’s great to provide some context and take some colour options along with you at the quoting stage. A great resource for this is a digital garage door colour brochure along with you.

3. Purpose of the Garage

The function of the garage will largely influence the type of door needed. If the main use of the garage is going to store the family car, then the range of retractable up and over doors will be the ideal solution.

4. Replacing a Garage Door for Security

If the garage is home to expensive belongings or is attached to the property, then security may be a high priority for the customer. It is important to discuss this earlier on in the enquiry phase. Added security accessories can ensure that the customer has peace of mind about their belongings being safe and secure. Quality options include garage door stays, Euro-Lock & Bars, handles and hinges.

You may also want to advise them to invest in a quality CCTV system for complete peace of mind.

5. Ask for Feedback After Replacing a Garage Door

After providing your expert knowledge based on your customer’s needs, ask them to leave feedback on your website or social channels. This will help to grow your business and improve your credibility.