How to Make an Up and Over Garage Door Secure

Making a garage door secure

How to Make an Up and Over Garage Door Secure

A garage can be a strange place full of old belongings you can’t bring yourself to throw away, right through to your most prized possessions like a car, motorcycle, or even expensive tools. Either way, it’s important to ensure that all these possessions are securely locked inside your garage.

Typically, homes at greater risk are those which are cut off from the road or are on very quiet streets. For urban areas, homes separated from the neighbours by fences and hedges may also be at greater risk as there is adequate cover for thieves to sneak around.

This often brings up the question, ‘are up and over garage doors secure?’.

Generally, they are but for extra peace of mind, there are a few things that you can do to ensure your belongings stay locked inside the garage.

Starting Simple with Garage Door Security

Starting off with some common sense, it’s important to always keep your garage door shut when not in use so that potential thieves are not getting an extended look in your garage – it can be so easy for criminals to sneak in and out without you even realising, even if you just leave it unattended for a couple of minutes.

Adding Extra Security

Up and over garage door security can be maximised by adding bright motion lights.  These will often deter thieves who operate at night. Also, some simple garage door locks will add additional security to your garage.  They’re really easy to install, which will ensure that your up and over garage is secure.

The best option for adding additional security to up and over garage doors are installing a garage defender. By anchoring a defender to the ground, it restricts the outward swing movement of the garage door, so even if your locks are compromised, it is not possible to open the door.

Garage Door Maintenance for Security

Adding additional up and over garage door security locks and upgrading the security can ensure your belongings remain safe, but it’s also crucial to properly maintain your garage door to avoid weaken and rails and axles. We have covered garage door maintenance in a previous blog, so you may want to check it out.

Upgrading your Garage Door for Security

Some garage doors become aged and it can be difficult to properly secure them if they have seen better days. Investing in a high-quality up and over garage door may be the best solution, and not only will this increase your home security, but it will also increase your homes curb appeal and look great.

Investing in a new garage door could potentially be the cheaper option if you’re storing something particularly valuable.

Locking Down the Goods in your Garage

In summary, if your garage door is in good working order, the best, the cheapest and simplest way to upgrade up and over garage door security are:

  • Adding two locks either side of your garage door or adding a garage defender
  • Security lighting
  • Maintaining your garage door and ensuring the bars and rails remain strong

If you’re looking for a garage door solution, we would be more than happy to advise you on the best solution for you. Please click here to enquire about our various garage door options.