Looking back as you plan ahead

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Looking back as you plan ahead

With a brand new year ahead of us, it’s a great time for homeowners and developers alike to start setting goals, defining deadlines and planning budgets for a whole new wave of home improvements and outbuilding upgrades.
Here at Select Garage Doors, we pride ourselves on delivering perfect, fit-for-purpose garage door solutions – whatever the challenge may be, and as 2017’s orders come rolling in, we can already see that our bespoke garage doors are likely to be as unique as the customers ordering them.
Indeed, with a vast range of previous clients from across a myriad of modern and traditional settings already satisfied, we thought it was well worth taking a small look at a sprinkling of case studies from the last 12 months-or-so and offer you some inspiration for your improvement projects.

Mind the Gap

Late last year, we were contacted by a large and well-known UK house-builder, after their brickwork subcontractors had made an error, by building the garage openings on the show homes too high.

For obvious reasons, they needed the show-homes to match up to the rest of the garage doors on the estate, with fully bespoke doors that slotted into an opening nearly eight feet high.

Having received the dimensions of the brickwork opening from the site manager, we quickly set about designing carbon copies of the garage doors and manufacturing them to a tight time-frame.

We were pleased to deliver the doors ahead of schedule, allowing the show homes to be opened on time, and given as the roofs were already on, we helped the house builder save a lot of money in the process too.


Got a traditional home, but keen to introduce all the trappings of a 21st-century residence?

Many of our customers with older homes naturally want to maintain all the charm and character of their picture-postcard properties, and one such buyer was looking for a vintage-looking garage door with all the security and weather-resistance benefits of modern materials.

As you can see from the image below, we provided them with the new Croston door panel and added our ornamental fleur de leys hinges and handles, which perfectly complement the customer’s home.

As we’re sure you’ll agree, the old and the new are perfectly juxtaposed, and it just goes to show that a brand new door with today’s technologies can be perfectly in tune with a traditional home.

The perfect match

A common theme for many of today’s style-conscious customers, this customer in Lancashire had recently had a beautiful new black composite front door installed on her property and naturally wanted a stunning garage door to match.

As the image shows, we provided her with a smart black Cartmel door, which we complemented with a white steel frame, to match up with the front door surround.

In the spirit of new beginnings, we do hope these case studies provide you with a spark of inspiration and offer you the peace-of-mind that we can solve a wide variety of garage door dilemmas – whatever your 2017 development challenge may be.

If you’d like to discuss your next project in more detail, please feel free to give us a call on 01942 311 110, send us an email to or use our contact form to give us a brief synopsis of your requirements.