Do You Use Your Garage To Store Your Car?

More than half of car owners in the UK do not use their garages to park their cars.

According to a recent study, the majority of Britons use their garage for storage purposes. Only 21% of 3,000 people surveyed use the room for housing their vehicle and the greater part of participants said common items stored include garden equipment, ladders, lawnmowers and bikes.

Storing your car in the garage can reduce your car insurance premiums as it reduces the risk of theft and ensures that the vehicle is better protected from harsh weather conditions. Now there have been some reports which contradict this however, parking your car off-road is certainly cheaper than on the street.

So, why are so many homeowners not using the garage for its fundamental purpose then?

Only 25% of motorists said they could fit their car and other belongings inside the garage.

Keeping your car in the garage can pay off in the long-run which is why bespoke side-hinged doors and up & over doors are so beneficial.

They are perfect for easy access, they offer extra security and most importantly, they are made to measure so you can widen the entrance to your garage to store your vehicle more easily.

Does it make a difference?

In short, yes. Storing your car in a cool, dry place overnight is more than likely going to help to retain its value and protect it against heavy rain erosion. What’s more, you put your vehicle at risk of being accidentally bumped and scraped by other passers-by and drivers.

Give your four-wheeled friend the essential respite that she needs and house her indoors with our help. After all, following the house, it is probably one of the most valuable assets that you are just leaving outside to wear down.

What if I struggle with the length of the garage as well?

Did you know that you can buy parking sensors to put in the garage that warns you when you are too close? They detect the distance of your car to the wall and make parking much easier, safer and accurate for when you have a tight space.

Get a quote from us today to widen the access to your garage with a bespoke new door!