How to Assess Your Customers Needs When Supplying a Garage Door

When advising your customers on selecting their new garage door, it is important to understand how they will use the garage.

Whilst you may have helped your customers select a garage door many times before, it is not an everyday task for most people, so they will need some reassurance they are making the right decision.

Whether they are looking to maximize space, improve security or increase their curb value for a future sale, there are some key things they should consider. Here are the key things you should make your customers aware of when purchasing a new garage door.

Garage Door Material

This might not be the first thing your customers consider when selecting a new garage door, but it is one of the most important. From wood, metal, PVC or even fiberglass, there a lot of considerations, each offering unique benefits.

For example, steel or GRP fibreglass is often a question we find ourselves answering a lot. Steel offers a strong and low maintenance option, whereas GRP (glass reinforced plastic) is all about looks but also offers good security.

You can find a full breakdown of steel and GRP fibreglass here.

Garage Door Security

Garages are particularly attractive to thieves or many reasons, and it is important to make your customers aware of the risks, so you can advise them accordingly on selecting the right garage door.

Whilst upgrading the lock on the garage door to steel lock bars may be a quick fix if your customer is reluctant to invest in a brand new garage door, it may not be enough if their garage door has seen better days.

For the best all-rounder that has strong security, the popular up-and-over garage doors may be the best option, especially if your customer has a larger driveway and space is not an issue.

Many Garage Door Options

How the customer will inevitably use the garage is the main factor that will decide what type of garage door they will select. Each has its own merits for different purposes and the following covers most garage uses:

Steel up and over garage doors offer the best value and are the most popular choice. However, it only offers the perfect option if the garage is being used for standard storage.

Overall, communication is important, and you should try to understand what your customer wants to use the space to be able to advise them on the perfect solution. For more information, or to speak to one of our experts, please get in touch and here is a dedicated page for trade garage doors.

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