How windows can revamp your garage doors

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How windows can revamp your garage doors

Stylish mid-century home design is on the rise with more people paying attention to garages and incorporating the garage door into the home’s facade.  As garage doors are often a dominant feature of your home’s exterior, choosing a garage door with windows is a quick and easy suggestion for adding instant curb appeal to your home.

The benefits of windows

These days, garages are spaces more commonly used for storage or as extensions of the home rather than for your car. Adding windows to this space has a number of benefits including:

  • Letting in natural light, which not only helps brighten a dark space during the day, but it also does it for free.

  • Garage door windows also help break up large panels, providing aesthetic interest and dimension to the exterior of your home.

  • Windows help make the garage feel like a more included part of the home.

  • Windows come in several shapes, sizes, and options so you can customise your look.

Things you should be aware of when buying a garage door with windows

We wouldn’t be garage door professionals if we didn’t also tell you about the potential issues you may face in choosing a garage door with windows. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Windows on garage doors do introduce a more fragile element to an otherwise rigid and strong door. While they won’t compromise the strength or resilience of a garage door, they aren’t impenetrable to golf balls or an unfortunate rock flung from a lawnmower. While the windows are easily replaced, this is something to consider.

  • If natural light can peer through so can people passing by. If you have valuables stored in your garage, consider tinted glass or opaque windows.

The above can often be mitigated with our variety of glass options, but should still be considered from the outset so that you are satisfied with the long-term benefits of your door.

Types of windows

There are various options when it comes to windows for your garage door. Keep in mind that you also have different options for glass including clear, frosted, tinted or rain effect glass.

Standard styles include variations of the following:

  • Georgian

  • Austrian

  • Crystal

  • Diamond

  • Warerford

  • Cascade

  • Pearldrop

  • Tiara

    If you are designing a custom garage door, you can choose windows for your garage door to match other aspects of your architectural design. You can get garage door windows with a leaded crystal look to match other windows or doors. For example, if the window in your front door is styled with a lead rose or tulip design, it’s possible to harmonise everything with your garage door.

    Our specialists at Select will help you to create your ideal garage door design and can consult on window styles and glass types to suit your needs. For more information on garage door window options, why not get in touch with our team today or call us on 01942 311 110.