A Fitters Guide to Measuring a Garage Door

Measuring a garage door can be tricky, but whether you’re replacing a garage door or you’re fitting a brand new one, it is important to keep a few things in mind. The key thing to remember is that garage doors require a fixing subframe and this needs to be taken into consideration when measuring the dimensions, as subframes can vary from one manufacturer to another.

Now, that you’re ready, here’s our step by step process to measuring a garage door:

Step 1

Measure the width of the opening at its widest point. This is a basic measurement but remember to look out for any general irregularities that may obstruct the movement of a new or replacement garage door.

Step 2

Measure the height of the garage door from the bottom opening to its highest point. Again, it is important to look for any general irregularities, especially an uneven floor.

Step 3

Manual up and over garage doors will require 4” to 6” each side to be able to open comfortable without colliding with objects. So it is important to measure the space it needs to open and close.

If you’re installing other types of garage doors, such as side-hinged garage doors, it is quite similar, but you’ll have to measure the out-swing opening.

Step 4

You need to ensure that there’s enough room for a track to be attached to the ceiling for up and over garage doors to properly operate. Note the space from door to wall and the top of the door to the ceiling.

Top Tips for Measuring a Garage Door

Garages vary in sizes and layout but here are some top tips to ensure you’re fitting the correct garage door for space:

  • Note any light fixtures that could get in the way
  • Make sure anything on the walls is not going to obstruct the garage door and its hinges (shelves, pipes, etc)
  • Make sure you’re not rushing. A standard up and over garage door can take around 2 hours to install (excluding measuring time)
  • Make sure you consider the security (if there is added security locks, consider how these are going to be installed)

Now you’re ready for installation. If you’re looking for your nearest supplier of high-quality garage doors, please click here to enquire.

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