3 reasons why a garage adds value to your home

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3 reasons why a garage adds value to your home

As a made-to-measure garage door manufacturer, Select Garage Doors have been working with the trade to make bespoke garage doors for homeowners for almost two decades.

One major driver for improving existing garage doors at properties is when a homeowner puts their house up for sale. Often it is questioned – how much value does a garage add to your house? In short, it all depends on what the estate agents say, however, there is evidence out there that having a garage does add value to your home. Below we explore the reasons why:

Curb appeal

First impressions count when selling your home, so the exterior of your home must be pleasing to the eye. Old garage doors which have seen better days can be off-putting to potential buyers and may scream out a potential expense.

How much is a new garage door?

Depending on your garage door size, you may be able to replace your garage door with a standard 7×7 garage door or 7 x 6.6 garage door. However, if your garage door is not ‘standard size’ do not panic, made-to-measure garage doors are not as expensive as what you might think, and this is what is manufactured as ‘the norm’ at Select.3-reasons-why-a-garage-adds-value-to-your-home


Replacement garage doors not only help with curb appeal, but they offer you and your potential buyer ultimate practicality, particularly when installing an up and over garage door or side hinged garage door.

Up and over garage doors come as either retractable or canopy. Retractable garage doors use side arms and springs which offer a smooth, well-balanced operation. Canopy Garage Doors open and close using an overhead torsion spring with side lifting cables. The benefit of these is they offer a full-width opening.

Side-hinged garage doors are great for on-foot access to the garage. The doors can be made centre split or off-centre making them extremely practical for moving different types of goods in and out of the garage.

Adding Value

Why improving your garage will add value to your home is something our trade garage door installers get asked a lot when they are considering making improvements to their garage, including its door.

Not only do garages offer secure off-street parking for yourself and buyer, but they also provide much-needed storage space for things like lawnmowers and tools, even stock if you or your potential buyer runs a business from home.

What’s more, garage conversions have rocketed in recent years, which not only give you added value to your home when selling, but it allows your buyer to add value themselves in the future if they decide to convert the garage into another living space

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