Ten Garage Crime Prevention Tips

As we enter spring and summer, ensuring your garage – and your belongings within it – are secured becomes more important than ever, as garage crime increases around this time of year.

You may not keep a car in your garage, but that doesn’t mean your garage isn’t an attractive prospect to a thief.

Garages are particularly attractive to thieves for lots of reasons:

      • Garages often contain valuable items which are easier to steal and easier to sell than just cars, such as power tools and bikes.
      • Often left unattended as items are removed from the garage – for instance moving a barbecue to the garden
      • Often not protected by an alarm system
      • Often provide access to the house, via doors much easier to gain access through than front or back doors
      • Provide cover for gaining access to the house
      • Thieves often already know there are guaranteed valuable items in your garage – when you open the door they can see them!

With us accessing our garages more and more as the weather heats up there’s increased opportunity for them to get a look at what’s inside, and to gain access.

Here, Select Garage Door’s team have compiled our top ten tips for protecting your garage from crime:

      • 1. Consider extending your home’s alarm system to the garage to detect intruders, or fit a separate garage alarm.
      • 2. Upgrade your garage door locks to include steel lock bars
      • 3. Don’t show criminals what’s inside. If you have windows in your garage cover them or make it difficult to see in using window films or frosted glass
      • 4. Consider adding garage defenders – these not only add extra security but also act as a visible deterrent.
      • 5. Lock valuable items up. This makes it harder for a thief to take, even if they get in.
      • 6. Consider installing loop cables. These are long braided steel cables with a two-bolt anchor locking point. Fix them to the walls or floors and pass them through expensive property such as quad bikes, etc. Some cables are alarmed.
      • 7. Check the external area around the garage entrance. Make it as hard as possible to hide from view by keeping it well lit and foliage trimmed.
      • 8. Keep your garage door maintained – locks that look weak will be more attractive to a thief.
      • 9. If your home is connected to the garage, keep this door locked at all times. Consider upgrading the door or locks.
      • 10. And last but not least – ensure your garage door itself is up to the task! We manufacture bespoke garage doors in our UK factory, from the highest quality Magnelis Steel or GRP.

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