Police Warning After Spate of High Value Burglaries on Garages

Police Warning After Spate of High Value Burglaries on Garages

Across the country, police are issuing warnings to the public to step up security on their garages and sheds after numerous areas have seen a rise in break-ins.

Constabularies across the country are seeing rises in certain times of crime as summer approaches, and one theme this latest warnings all have in common - is to not neglect the security of your garages and sheds.

The warnings have come from as far and wide as Leicester, Bognor Regis, Liverpool, Reading and Barry, in South Wales. A spokesperson for Humberside Police said, “Lighter nights often mean criminals are on the prowl for easy pickings such as bikes, tools, sports gear and fishing tackle”.

Police Advice

Following spates of thefts of high-value garden equipment and bicycles, Yorkshire Police issued the following advice:

  • Make sure your shed or garage is secured with a good quality lock.
  • Keep back gates locked when not used.
  • Make fences surrounding your garden difficult to climb over.

For more advice, compiled from that of police authorities across the country, top experts and our expert advice, see our top ten garage crime prevention tips

Of course, we can help with ensuring your garage door itself is as safe and secure as possible, and if you're worried your garage may be vulnerable, it's always worth considering moving the most valuable items to your house, until you can make your garage more secure.

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