Garage Doors what are my options

Garage Door Options – Which One Is Right For Your Customer?

There are many different options available to your customer when advising them on their bespoke garage door. Often the main factor for a decision is what the customer plans to use their garage for.

With home gyms, studios and workshops, becoming increasingly popular, the garage is no longer see as the conventional way of storing family vehicles.

Options such as a side-hinged, up and over and personnel doors, all have their own benefits and drawbacks.  It is therefore important to fully understand what your customer is going to be using the space for once you have fitted the door and moved onto the next job.

If you get this right from the outset, the customer will be left pleased with the service and will likely make recommendations to their friends and family.

Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and over garage doors are one of the most popular choices as they are both effective and easy to use. A wide range of materials are available, including steel and GRP fibreglass.  This makes an up and over garage door a perfect option for a customer on a budget. Providing the most practical solution, it is particularly good if you use your garage for general storage or storing the family car.

The main benefits include:

  • Can be automated
  • Secure construction
  • Simple operation

    Side Hinged Bespoke Garage Door Option

    Side-hinged garage doors provide a great solution if the garage is going to be used as a gym or workshop as it provides easy on-foot access to the garage. Depending on customers’ requirements, the doors can come in a variety of options including centre split or off-centre split.

    The main benefits include:

    • Better privacy
    • Convenient if regularly retrieving small items such as lawnmowers
    • Easy access with no lifting

      Garage Personnel Door Option

      Customers require personnel doors when they have a smaller garage or don’t need wide door access. Similar in size to a standard entry door, a personnel door is particularly great if the customer wants to use their space as a small workshop or garden tool storage.

      The main benefits include:

      • Better privacy
      • Convenient for small storage
      • Easy access


      The downside is that larger items will not be able to fit through the door so advise your customers accordingly.

      Overall, the customer may have an idea of what they want.  However, what separates us from the average supplier is our expert knowledge and ability to assist our customers.  We will always work hard to find the perfect solution for you.

      For more useful tips and guidance that will help you advise your customers, please click here to view our help and guidance section.