Side Hinged Garage Doors in GRP & Steel

Side hinged garage doors are the ideal solution if you want easy on-foot access to your garage, whilst maintaining the privacy of your garage contents from prying eyes.

The doors can be centre split or off-centre split, and are particularly convenient if you’re regularly retrieving small items such as lawnmowers, toolkits and bicycles, or goods if you’re running a business selling items that are stored in your garage.

With hinges on either side, instead of via a complex frame of springs and hinges above, side hinged garage doors operate just as conventional doors do, opening outwards. This is great if the space within your garage is limited, as no part of the door enters the garage upon opening.

In addition to this, the handy split options are also a great benefit, as you can enter and exit the garage discreetly, without revealing its contents to neighbours - or exposing its contents to the elements.