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Is Your Garage Ready For Winter?

It may only be September, but the press is already reporting that we’re heading towards the coldest winter for 50 years, forecasting heavy snow across the UK. Some newspapers are even reporting that sub-zero temperatures and violent snow storms could hit as soon as October and cause a nationwide whiteout.

Reading that we’re about to get Britain’s coldest winter in years is nothing new, but it is well worth making sure your garage is winter-ready.

The icy cold temperatures, snow and icy rainfalls can have a variety of effects on garage doors and their mechanisms.

Back in March, we look at how your garage had coped over winter, now we want to help you make your garage winter-ready before the cold weather hits.

Locks, hinges and other metal parts can all seize up in the cold and make it very difficult to open your garage door, or indeed make it impossible to close, leaving your garage and its contents extremely vulnerable both to intruders and the winter weather.

It is not just your garage itself that needs protecting over the winter months, the contents of your garage may also need some attention. Vehicles, power tools and even freezers may feel knock-on effects of the big chill.

Now for some good news…

You can protect your garage and its contents before it’s too late.

Ensure your garage is well insulated. You can use loose-fill or spray foam insulation on the garage walls and ceiling then cover with drywall. Alternatively, replace any dried or cracked weather stripping by cutting away the old material and nailing a new piece directly over it.

As well as some insulation, a new garage door can help solve a lot of issues. Our made to measure magnelis steel doors are strong and secure and cope extremely well in all weather conditions. Because they are made to measure they come with draught seal to the sides and top internally which help keep your garage protected from any winter storms bringing in icy winds.

If your hinges and locks need renewing, we can help. It is best to replace them before it’s too late… you don’t want to get stuck in the garage on Christmas Eve!

Your winter garage checklist…

Here are some quick tips to ensure your garage makes it through winter safely!

  • Check your garage’s hinges and locks for signs of rust and damage and replace if necessary
  • Remove any hoses that may have water in, if they freeze they will expand and split
  • Insulate fixed water pipes
  • Clear any snow from your garage door to prevent rust.

If you’re worried that your garage door may not survive as well as it could, or you simply want to ensure your garage door is as secure and safe as possible, contact us for a free no-obligation quote.

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