How has your garage coped this winter?

How has your garage coped this winter?

Now that we're officially entering spring, it's a good time to ask; how has your garage coped with the winter? It may have been a relatively mild one compared to recent years, but the effect of cold temperatures, snow and icy rainfall on garage doors and their mechanisms can be vast and varied.

Springs screws and other metal parts can seize up with the moisture and the cold, and make opening the garage door both difficult and dangerous. Conversely, it could cause problems closing and securing your garage door, leaving a large part of your home vulnerable both to intruders and to the harshness of winter weather.

Your garage door is most likely the largest moving object in your home and offers the greatest exposure to the elements. It's also likely to contain some of if not the most valuable possession you own - your car, so keeping it both secure and protected from the elements is something that shouldn't be overlooked, or left until it's too late.

Now is the time to go and take a look at your garage, is the door still easy to open, close and lock securely? How is the temperature in there, and are there any obvious after-effects from outdoor elements such as damp patches or draughts?

Even if all this seems ok, it's worth checking the contents of your garage for any knock-on effects - sitting in a freezing garage for months isn't the happiest environment for any vehicle, power tools or items being stored.

The good news is, perhaps along with looking at the insulation in general, a new garage door can solve many of the issues winter imposes on your garage.

Made to measure garage doors in magnelis steel are strong, secure, and can withstand pretty much anything mother nature can give. They also come with draught seals to the sides and top internally, to help keep the inside of the garage protected from harsh winter winds.

We have a choice of hinges and locks available, and we'll happily advise on which is the best for your home and your choice of garage door style.

So if your garage door hasn't stood up to winter as well as it could, or you simply want to ensure your garage door is as secure and safe as possible, as well as being a fantastically stylish addition to your home, contact us and we'll provide a FREE, no-obligation quote.

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