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5 Reasons to Choose a Side Hinged Garage Door

Side-hinged garage doors are just one type of garage door which we manufacture at Select, the other being up and over garage doors, together with personnel doors and a range of window options and accessories.

However, side hinged garage doors are one of our most popular garage door types and below we share with you five reasons why;

As described in the name, these garage doors are hinged at the sides meaning that when opened they do not go up like up and over garage doors, they open wide on the left and right side. This provides great on-foot access, particularly as the whole of the door doesn’t have to be opened, maintaining privacy and not displaying the whole contents of your garage to potentially prying eyes.

Langdale Off-Centre Side Hinged Garage Door in White

2. Flexible Features

When deciding on the type of garage door which suits your needs, a side-hinged garage door not only offers great access, but you can choose for the doors to be split in the centre or off centre. Below is an example where a centre split side hinged garage door was installed to a storage area at the front of a garage where the rear had been converted into an office. In this case, an up and over door would not have been suitable as the door would not open and go into the garage at roof height because of the new internal wall.


3. Choice of Material

Side-hinged garage doors can be manufactured in GRP fibreglass or steel. Take a look at our helpful guide on Steel or Fibreglass which highlights the benefits and features of the two materials, including their look, strength, maintenance and security.


4. Choice of Style

There’s a vast range of styles to choose from when it comes to side hinged doors. Here are just a couple of examples, one more modern in style and one more traditional suiting properties old and new.

** Take a look at all the different styles available >>here<<**


5. Choice of Colour

Not only are there a variety of styles available, but the choice of garage door colour you can choose from is also vast too. From the more traditional white and brown, there are wood effects in multiple tones as well as a great selection of colours. Here are just a few to give you some inspiration;

Rivington Off Centre Split in Chartwell Green (with windows)

Our team of experts have been manufacturing garage doors and supplying to the trade for over 18 years, and there’s not much they haven’t seen or witnessed when it comes to garage doors.

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