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Select Garage Doors is a garage door manufacturer based in the North West of the UK that specialises in the supply of trade garage doors to fitters and the general trade industry. Select was founded in 2000 and is now one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of side hinged garage doors.

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Trade Garage Doors Made in the UK

All trade garage doors from Select are made and manufactured in the UK at a state of the art manufacturing facility in Bolton. There are over 20 different designs to choose from in either steel or GRP, both materials are available in a range of finishes and colours.

Made to Measure

Garage doors from Select are not mass produced in standard sizes, instead each trade garage door is manufactured to the highest quality to meet the requirements of the customer. This means when you are fitting a garage door supplied by Select you can guarantee it will fit perfectly.

Because all garage doors are manufactured here in the UK your order will not be held up by third-party supplier, delivery stocks or international shipping. This makes Select the perfect choice to supply your garage door as the whole order process is more streamlined and efficient than most competitors.

Types of Garage Doors

Garage doors from Select come in two main styles, up and over or side hinged, each with its own benefits. It is important to choose the right garage door for the job so here is an overview of our range:

Standard Garage Door Sizes - Select Garage Doors

Side Hinged Garage Doors
Select is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of side hinged garage doors, this type of garage door is available to be split down the centre or off-centre depending on the size of door you require. The main access door has a latch as standard and can be positioned either side of the door, there is also the option to have the doors open inwards if there is a need to save space.

Retractable Up and Over Garage Doors
Retractable doors have an up and over mechanism, making them ideal for garages which are used for vehicle storage. The operation of retractable doors is handled by the lifting arms and springs on either side which lift the door onto horizontal tracks which are suspended in the garage. With retractable doors you also have to option of electric automation which can be fitted at the same time as the garage door. Manual doors have multipoint locking as standard.

Standard Garage Door Sizes - Select Garage Doors

Canopy Up and Over Garage Doors
Canopy doors also have an up and over mechanism, so again can be used for storing cars. These doors operate on an overhead torsion spring and vertical tracks which are fixed directly onto the frame. This saves you having to suspend tracks from your ceiling as you would with a retractable garage door.

Garage Personnel Doors
Personnel doors are ideal for garages that do not require a wide access door and are usually specified in a size similar to a normal entry door. These can also be used in conjunction with a standard garage door for multi access points if you don’t need to open the main garage door.

Areas We Supply To

Select Garage Doors are available to supply garage doors to fitters and the trade nationwide, we currently have qualified suppliers in:

  • North West
  • Yorkshire and Humberside
  • West and East Midlands
  • North Wales
  • Parts of Lincolnshire
  • Parts of Cambridgeshire
  • Parts of Bristol

If you would like to find out if we can supply or manufacture garage doors for your business please get in touch with your enquiry below.

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