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Danger Danger! Top 7 Garage Door Safety Tips

Here at Select Garage Doors, we strive to give you all the information you need to choose the best garage door for you.

As leading manufacturers of bespoke, side hinged garage doors, we’re here to answer any of your questions and make you a made to measure door that will enhance house security and give the easy access to your garage that you need.

But what about safety? It’s crucial that your garage works safely to keep your family and belongings away from harm.

So here are 7 tips to make sure everyone stays safe and sound when going in and of the home:

1. Learn the mechanics

By understanding exactly how your garage doors works, you can avoid an accident from occurring. Make sure you speak to the installer to find out how the door operates when opening and closing and what mechanics should be kept clear.

Also check the manual to ensure you know how to use the door’s emergency release feature.

2. Keep all remote controllers out of children’s reach

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t let your kids play with the garage remote controller. Just take the Specsavers advert for a prime reason why!

3. Maintenance is key

One of the most fundamental ways you can make sure your garage door is working safely is by checking it regularly but 47% of people have never had their door serviced and 34% of homeowners have never had anyone test the safety features properly.

By visually inspecting the door every few months for signs of wear and tear, you can get any breakages fixed and deter hazards.

Here are 8 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Garage Door.

4. Education

Children in the most part don’t truly understand the dangers of anything unless taught. It’s important that you sit your little youngsters down and explain the possibilities. By educating them of the dangers and making them aware of certain such as placing fingers in between door sections, it will help to protect them.

5. Switch the power off

When you are going to be away from the home for a lengthy period of time, such as on holiday, unplug the opener unit. You can also use a security switch called a vacation lock console which make all remotes unusable, so if someone tries to break in whilst you are away the power is switched off and won’t open.

6. Close the door fully

Never leave the door open partially. It is an accident waiting to happen. If it suddenly became activated again without warning, it could come into contact with objects in its path below. What’s more, if you forget to shut it your home’s safety is at risk of being burgled.

7. Always lock the remote controller away

More and more thieves are wising up to homeowners leaving the garage door opener in their cars. Never leave it on full view or in the car when not present and always local it away safely during the night.

So there you have 7 ways to make sure you maximise the safety of your garage door to protect your home.

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