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How big should I build my garage?

As an established bespoke garage door manufacturer, we often get asked lots of questions about garages in general, as well as questions about the different types and sizes of garage doors that we can manufacture.

How Big is a 2 Car Garage?

This is an example of a question we often get asked, as well as ‘what are the dimensions of a standard two-car garage?’ and ‘what is the standard 1 car garage size?’

The truth is there is no standard garage size and you can build your garage to whatever size you want and need. However, when building your garage you must ensure that you apply for planning permission if necessary and that you adhere to any stipulations given by your local planning authority.

Take a look at GOV.UK for further information about garage planning permission in England and Wales.

What is the Standard Garage Door Size?

There is a misconception that there is a ‘standard’ garage door size and whilst off-the-shelf garage doors (7ft wide x 6ft 6 inches high / 7ft x 7ft) can be purchased, made-to-measure

Take a look at our article on What Are The Standard Garage Door Sizes? for more information and peace of mind.

At Select Garage Doors we have been manufacturing made-to-measure garage doors for over 18 years, giving end-users the flexibility they need from their garage door. If you need a garage door that is wider than 10ft, we can do this. If a garage door needs to open a particular way to enable better access in a tight space, we can make this. Take a look at our gallery to see the different garage door options.

Considerations When Building a Garage

  • Do I have planning permission?
  • What will the garage be used for?
  • How big will the garage be?
  • What kind of door will I need?
  • Am I doing it all myself?
  • Do I need to employ an expert?

These are just some of the questions to think about when building a garage. At Select Garage Doors we believe that garages should be utilised fully and misconceptions around standard garage door sizes should not dictate what kind of size and access a garage has.

Garage Inspiration

If you’re ready to move forward with your garage build, here are some links which you may find useful and inspiring – enabling you to get the most from your garage!

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Select Garage Doors can help to make your garage more accessible and provide you with all the time and assistance you need when it comes to choosing a garage door that best suits your needs.

For further information, take a look at the articles in our handy Help and Guidance section, or get in touch with us today for a competitive, affordable quote.

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