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Guide on Garage Door Fitting and Installation

What happens after you’ve chosen your shiny new garage door? Do you chance your luck at a bit of DIY and fit it yourself, or do you get a qualified installer to fit it for you?

Select Garage Doors are one of the leading manufacturers of bespoke garage doors in the UK and we are committed to providing our products via the very best installers that only offer high quality, professional fitting services.

This guide will give you all the information you need to get the best installation for your new garage door.

Step 1. Choose a garage door

Browse through the website and choose the type(s) of garage door you would like, be it a side-hinged garage door, retractable or canopy up and over garage door, you can then look through the various designs and colours available and make a note of the ones you would like.

Step 2. Find a professional supplier

We have a wide network of experienced garage door specialists across most of the North, the Midlands and now spreading into the South. If you send us your details they will get in touch with you directly and arrange for a site survey.

They will go through your exact requirements and take accurate measurements to ensure the option you have selected is right for you.

If they think another type of door, not manufactured by Select, would suit you better, for example, a sectional type door then they will give you honest advice and provide a quotation accordingly. Our suppliers are in no way restricted to using only our products. No matter what type of property and requirements you have, we can supply you with a tradesperson who can fit your garage door to the highest standard.

Make sure you have established to your satisfaction what the installation includes during the survey process.

Step 3. Quotation

An independent, competitive quote will then be issued to you so you can make an informed decision.

Step 4. Let the work commence!

Now that all the preparation and planning has been carried out, we can get started on fitting your new garage door. We will manufacture your bespoke, made to measure door and your supplier will arrange a date and time with you for installation.

The fitter will strip out the existing garage door and/or frame and dispose of/recycle this on your behalf. They will then install a new garage door and/or frame as well as any accessories e.g. an automatic opener system.


Step 5: Sit back and enjoy the view

There is nothing left to do now but enjoy your lovely new garage door! Make sure you get it regularly serviced and that you maintain it properly to maximise its longevity.


*Please be aware of DIY garage door fitting*

You may be an avid do-it-yourselfer but installing a garage door requires expert knowledge and experience. All fittings vary dependant on the type of model and size of the garage door and if something goes wrong, it can be extremely dangerous as well as expensive if the door is damaged. DIY installation is not covered by warranty.

We strongly advise you to have your door professionally installed. By hiring a specialist supplier, a detailed survey will be undertaken and you will get in-depth advice on what is the best garage door for you. What’s more, they will install the new garage door and remove the old one safely.

So there you have all the information you need on garage door fitting and installation services. Now call us today on 01942 311 110 to get a competitive quote for your supply and install service.

Source: All images courtesy of Select Garage Doors.

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