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Who we are

Select Garage Doors Ltd. is a specialist manufacturer of Bespoke Garage Doors based in Bolton, Lancashire. 

We supply our Side Hinged Garage Doors and Up and Over Garage Doors via a network of Garage Door Specialists across the country. 

Over half of the current Select team began working together between 20 & 30 years ago for a local manufacturer. 

From just 3 original steel designs we now produce over 20 different designs in Steel and Grp, in lots of colours and with a large range of window options.   

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What we do

We formed Select Garage Doors in 2000 with the aim of producing individual garage doors, made to order, rather than mass producing ‘standard size' products. We wanted to give our customers something different, a quality garage door that fit their garage and specific needs rather than them having to just make the best of what was readily available. 

To date this has, thankfully, proved a sound and successful philosophy- high quality garage doors, made to order at competitive prices with quick availability.

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