Retractable Derwent

Up & Over Garage Doors

Magnelis steel door with powder coated finish

Retractable Derwent

Available in the following colours:

  • Chartwell Green BS-14-C-35
  • Goose Grey BS-00-A-5
  • Iron Grey RAL 7011
  • Light Grey RAL 7035
  • Water Blue RAL 5021
  • Pebble Grey RAL 7032
  • Poppy Red BS 04-E-53
  • Signal Blue RAL 5005
  • Sky Blue RAL 5015
  • Traffic Red RAL 3020
  • Traffic Yeleow RAL 1023
  • Anthracite Grey. RAL 7016
  • Jet Black. RAL 9005
  • Light Ivory. RAL 1015
  • Moss Green. RAL 6005
  • Vandyke Brown. BS08B29
  • Cobalt Blue. RAL 5013
  • Signal White. RAL 9003
  • Ruby Red RAL 3003

Select Garage Doors specialise in manufacturing high quality, made to measure garage doors and the Retractable Derwent is no different.

The Up and Over garage door features a Georgian panel style with an arched top row which is very striking from afar. The attention to detail is exquisite and both Magnelis® steel doors and frames have a powder coated finish.

Choose from an extensive range of colours for a quality look including:

  • Anthracite Grey
  • Jet Black
  • Light Ivory
  • Moss Green
  • Vandyke Brown
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Signal White
  • Ruby Red

Single doors are available in the Derwent with a factory fitted power coated steel frame.

Can I store my car easily?

Up and over doors are ideal for car storage and the Retractable operating gear gives a smooth, well balanced operation ideal for opening and closing the door automatically via remote control. Perfect for opening your door when coming onto the driveway.

What sizes are available?

Quite simply, whatever you want! You can order any size as the product can be made to your exact requirements from 5’6 to 16ft wide and from 6ft up to 7ft high. For more details on sizing, please read our Technical Specification tab.

If you have any questions about this door, please call our team of experts on 01942 311 110 for helpful advice or visit our Contact page and fill in the easy form.

Technical Detail







With Infill Panel(s)







5'0 to 7'1

7'0 to 7'6

6'0 to 7'0

4 PANEL No Lock

6'8 to 9'6


6'0 to 7'0

4 PANEL With Lock

6'10 to 9'7


6'0 to 7'0


8'4 to 11'9


6'0 to 7'0


10'2 to 14'0


6'0 to 7'0


11'8 to 16'0


6'0 to 7'0



  • Locking will be 2 point with handle in the bottom third of door panel
  • Drive through clearance will be reduced by mechanism- measurements can be calculated once door sizes are known


  • Door configuration will obviously alter in relation to door size and therefore images used on this site cannot replicate every alternative
  • Colour and appearance may differ from items shown on this website
  • The company reserves the right to make alterations in design and manufacture as are deemed necessary without notification

Select Frame Detail

  • Select garage doors upto 9'0(2743) wide are available with a pre-fitted steel frame. Steel frames are powder coat finished
  • Frame dimension-
    Sides- 60mm (2.3/8') wide
    Head - 56mm (2.1/4') deep