Steel Industry Crisis: Constructing A Strategic Path to the Future

Steel Industry Crisis: Constructing A Strategic Path to the Future

As a manufacturer and supplier of steel garage doors, we have been paying close attention to the news over the last couple of weeks as the government is being urged to take steps to protect the steel industry.

This call for action came about after steel firm SSI stopped production at its plant in Teeside due to falling demand, leaving 2,000 jobs at risk. UK Steel, the trade association for the UK steel industry are urging the government to lower business rates, relax emissions targets and to encourage the use of British-produced steel in major infrastructure projects.

In a statement they said:

"The UK steel sector is vital to the success of manufacturing, employing 30,000 well-paid and highly skilled people, often in areas with higher-than-average unemployment. In 2013, it made a £9.5bn contribution to the UK economy and had a £4.9bn export value."

The world-famous Sydney Harbour Bridge is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable steel structures in the world and is both a symbol of Australia and an icon of engineering, yet it was made more than 10,000 miles away from where it proudly stands. Like many amazing steelworks, it was made here in the UK, at the top of the North Yorkshire coast in Teeside.

Now 90 years on, the Redcar steelworks have been mothballed due to a slump in the global price of steel. Sadly this is not the first time, back in 2010 the site closed and 1,700 jobs were lost before opening up again two years later.

Historian, Joan Heggie said she believes the loss of the works will have a much wider impact on British manufacturing:

"Steel and iron are a basic commodity of most manufacturing processes. To not have it locally sourced within the UK and to be constantly requiring it to be imported makes the UK a weaker economic force."

At Select Garage Doors, we have been making and selling bespoke garage doors for over 15 years, many of which have and continue to be made from steel.

Geoff Gibson, Managing Director, commented: 'We are very proud of our company and the part we play in British manufacturing. Many of our staff have been working in the sector for over 20 years so the level of skills we have is something to be very proud of. By manufacturing our doors here in the UK, we can create bespoke made-to-measure garage doors to suit exact measurements and needs.'

Our full range of steel garage door panels is entirely produced from ArcelorMittal’s Magnelis® steel. Magnelis® is a metallic zinc coating combining 3.5% aluminium with 3% magnesium, offering up to 10 times better resistance against corrosion and is self-repairing on cut edges.

If you would like us to make you a steel garage door right here on your doorstep in the UK, give us a call today on 01942 311110 or get a free, no-obligation quote today.