Select Garage Doors introduce a new and improved way of contacting your local supplier

Select Garage Doors introduce a new and improved way of contacting your local supplier

Love our precision-engineered, tailor-made garage doors? ...want to make sure they fit like a glove?

Thanks to our new and improved ‘Find your Local Supplier' section, we've made it easier than ever for you to select a local supplier, and make your arrangements for high-quality installation.

How it works

In the past, we've prompted you to email us with your details, which we've then forwarded on to your closest supplier.

However, rather than having you wait around and relying on our agents to contact you, we've given you all the power you need to deal directly with our suppliers.

All you need to do is pop your postcode on our handy Find Your Local Supplier page, and we'll present you with five of the very best local companies to pick from.


As well as replacing a time-consuming method with something altogether more simplistic, removing the middle-man also means your personal information remains that way, so you'll only share your details with the supplier you select.

The purchase and fitting arrangement selection becomes much swifter too, and because you can take your pick, the price you pay is in your hands too. What's not to love?

Don't forget

As one of the UK's leading garage door manufacturers, all our doors are made-to-measure and manufactured right here in Britain at our Bolton-based facility. We're extremely proud of our range, high-quality standards, and exceptional level of service, and because all our garage doors are completely bespoke - you can be sure of a door that complements your home perfectly.

For further information, click our free online advice or download our brochure to view our range.