Lucky Family Find Car Worth £3 million

Lucky Family Find Car Worth £3 million

We’ve all found that odd penny, or if we’re lucky pound coin, down the side of the sofa, but this month marks seven years since one lucky family discovered a 1937 Bugatti.

After some investigation, it was discovered that a British physician had left the Type 57S in his will to his nieces and nephews, as part of the contents of his garage which had been unopened for almost 50 years. The unexpecting family also found an Aston Martin and Jaguar E-Type.

When built, the Bugatti Type 57S, generated a pretty impressive 175 horsepower which propelled it at 130mph at a time when most cars only reached 50mph.

Dr Carr’s nephew, an engineer from Newcastle, said:

"We just can't believe it. Of course, we're delighted and we're going to make sure the money is shared out among the family. It's a wonderful thing to leave."

In 1955, Dr Harold Carr from Newcastle bought one of only 17 produced and drove it for a few years before moving it into his garage in 1960 where it remained until the discovery

Shortly after the discovery, the family decided to sell it at an auction in Paris when it fetched around £3 million.

James Knight, international head of Bonhams' motoring department, said:

"I have known of this Bugatti for several years and, like a select group of others, hadn't dared divulge its whereabouts to anyone. It is one of the last great barn discoveries. The Atalante is incredibly original and, although she requires restoration, it is 'restoration' in the true sense of the word. It offers a truly rewarding project to the new owner - who will join a select list of distinguished owners - to play such an integral part in bringing this wonderful motor car back to life."

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