Introducing our new range of bespoke garage doors

Introducing our new range of bespoke garage doors

See our new garage doors for the first time…

Made to measure in the UK, our brand new range of bespoke garage doors combine innovative safety features with a wide range of finishes, styles and colours to choose from, allowing you to select the perfect door for your home.

When choosing a new garage door for your home, we know you want peace of mind that the product will go the distance without having to compromise on features and style. Not only does our new range of garage doors come made to measure, but they are also available in a vibrant colour selection to put your home on the map!

Browse the wide range of surface finishes, colours and contemporary styles on offer, then head over to our enquiries form for a free, no-obligation quote.

1) Pictured: Wide Ribbed Gisburn (Side Hinged)

Wide Ribbed Gisburn (Side Hinged) 

The Gisburn ‘ribbed' door is available in either the traditional up and over design or the unconventional off centre split - decisions, decisions! This simple yet striking appearance blends perfectly with modern architecture as well as traditional homes.

With sizes available up to 10'0” (3048mm), this door is manufactured to the highest specification to make sure you get the most from your garage space. As with all our garage doors, the Gisburn model is made to measure and available in a range of colours with the option to purchase various accessories like Eurobars, Door Stays and Handles to enhance the look of your garage and maximise the safety of your home.

2) Pictured: Wide Ribbed Gisburn (Up & Over)

Wide Ribbed Gisburn (Up & Over)

The Gisburn garage door with it's clean, vertical ribs manages to look both classic and stylish. With a polished finish in any number of colours and the choice of either a retractable or canopy spec, this door is a smooth operator. This particular model is available in sizes up to 10'0” (3048mm) and can be manufactured to your exacting standards to ensure you have the perfect garage for your home.

3) Pictured: Wide Ribbed Belmont (Up & Over)

 Wide Ribbed Belmont (Up & Over)

The Belmont's wide ribbed horizontal design is a timeless traditional garage door - and with a wide range of colours and styles on offer, it does provide you with a world of options. This particular design features a 6'6” (1981mm) high door, which has an approximate rib size of 490mm. For a 7'0”(2134mm) high door, this would include 5 ribs measuring approximately 393mm for each.

This model is also available as a side hinged door as well as a personnel door, which is suitable for garages and outbuildings that don't require wide door access.

4) Pictured: Medium Rib Rufford (Up & Over)

Medium Rib Rufford (Up & Over) 

The Rufford Medium Ribbed maintains a classic, understated look while providing all the standard design features you would expect from our quality selection of doors. For example, you'll notice the classic horizontal rib panels crossing the exterior of the garage door. This particular door is available for personnel, canopy or retractable applications and is supplied to your exacting specifications to ensure the perfect fit for your garage door opening

5) Pictured: Medium Rib Croston (Side Hinged)

Medium Rib Croston (Side Hinged) 

Last, but by no means least, the Medium Rib Croston is available in a choice of an off-centre split or centre split, canopy and retractable designs - not one to scrimp on features! It comes with a simple lock in place to secure your valuables. But if you're looking for additional safety features, browse our collection of Euro Locks & Bars to maximise your security.

Unlike products from some other manufacturers, every one of our bespoke garage doors is unique; custom-built ensuring a perfect fit. Take time choosing your door and our experts will guide you through the process from start to finish. A fully trained local installer will visit your home to give you a free, no-obligation quote.

Browse our complete selection of side hinged, up and over and personnel doors to find a perfect fit for your home.