How to best secure your garage this winter

How to best secure your garage this winter

Protecting your property may be your number one priority, but don't forget your garage.

Homeowners: You probably take steps to secure your home against burglary, perhaps you have a barking dog, a security alarm or even quality CCTV. But have you covered the garage?

Spending a fortune on decking out your home with the latest security systems is all well and good, but forgetting your garage is risky business. We take pride in the security of our garage doors, and the safety of our customers so here's some smart ways to protect your home from us to you.

Garage doors open up a world of possibilities to a burglar looking for easy access to your home and its valuables. Leaving your garage unlocked is like opening your front door and saying: “Go on, help yourself; there's furniture, laptops, cameras and a brand-spanking widescreen TV purchased just last week.” You get the picture. It's foolish and could leave you out of pocket in the run-up to Christmas.

Maximise your home security

If you have a security system for your home, consider extending it to cover your garage. Some property owners can invest in additional home security, but don't bother because it's too much like hard work. With the right security plan you can place a monitored entry sensor to reveal who visits your home, why and at what time.

If you don't have the means for a home security device, or think it would be too expensive at this time, consider stand-alone door accessories to minimise the chance of a break-in. Here at Select Garage Doors, we offer a wide selection of security editions, with everything from Euro-Locks and Bars, Hinges, Handles and Door Stays.

Add Motion-Sensor lighting

Adding motion sensor lighting is the perfect deterrent to prevent unwanted burglars from gaining entry to your property. These lights send out waves that detect moving objects in your garden, especially from cars, animals and people. There's no better way to uncover their malicious movements, before alerting the homeowner to take action.

Fill up the garage

This may seem like a foolish thought, at first, but one which could save you a lot of trouble when the burglars come knocking. If your garage is empty, and your car is parked elsewhere then it sends the signal that no one is at home. Be sure to park in your driveway or garage and then cover the windows to obscure inside viewing.

Install a garage timer

This is one for the forgetful homeowner, who leaves the door wide open or forgets to switch the monitor sensor lighting on/off (see above). Consider getting a garage door that operates on a timer. The door will automatically self-lock after a set number of minutes.

Finally, if a burglar does manage to gain access to your home, be sure to keep the door between your garage and home locked at all times. If you need assistance with any of our garage door or security products, call our professional team on 01942 311 110 or email us here.