Green Your Garage in 6 Simple Steps

The Government recently announced that it is re-launching the Green Deal grant scheme to offer homeowners money towards making necessary energy-efficiency improvements.

As part of a £30 million fund extension, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is giving households up to £5,600 off energy-efficiency measures such as cavity wall and floor insulation, boilers, and double glazing.

But whilst many homeowners plan to improve their home, it is often the case that the garage is forgotten. It's just as important to greenify your garage as it is to greenify your home, to reduce carbon emissions and energy bills and create a safe, eco-friendly space.

There are several ways to do this so without further ado, here are 6 quick and easy ways to transform your garage's sustainability…

1. Eco-friendly materials

The materials that you use are paramount so you should choose products and systems that minimise the impact; so for example, getting a bespoke garage door that is made from recycled wood fibres.

Most garages are built with standard frame construction and sit on a concrete slab but why not choose natural/reclaimed materials like straw bale and rammed earth. If you have access to local lumber, use this to reduce transport emissions, and buy studs and siding that contain recycled materials.

Better still, go the whole nine yards with energy-efficient windows, light timers and sensors!

2. Insulation

As well as insulating the garage itself, make sure your garage door is insulated too to cut energy costs. You can order made to measure, insulated garage doors that will reduce drafts.

Moreover, choose a steel side hinged garage door as you can reduce the amount of energy released into the environment when the doors open. Simply just open one of them for easy access and to keep as much heat in as possible!

3. Use low or no VOC paint

NaturePaint is a great alternative as it is the only UK certified paint to contain zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

4. Green roof

Green roofs are waterproof roofs that are covered in living plants and they're advantageous in that they help to insulate the building, improve air quality, reduce water runoff and they're great for noise reduction.

5. Collect rainwater

Another way to reduce runoff and save water is by collecting rainwater via a rain barrel. You can then use it to wash the car, the dog or even the garage itself!

6. Protect the indoor air

By air sealing the partition between the garage and home, it helps to keep potentially hazardous fumes from the car out of the family living space.

So there you have 6 ways to green your garage. For more tips and expert advice, please check out our dedicated Help and Guidance section for everything you need to know to choose the best garage and garage door for you.

If there are any questions left unanswered, give our friendly staff a call on 01942 311 110.

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