College turns garage spaces into homes

College turns garage spaces into homes

A team at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is looking in to how people could live in the thousands of empty car parking spaces and garages in the US at their Atlanta campus. Named SCADpad, this is a unique solution to the growing urban housing challenge in cities over in America and in the UK.

Instead of the traditional up & over or side hinged garage doors, SCADpad use personnel doors to make them spaces feel much more like home.

What is SCADpad?

A group of  SCAD students with a multitude of skills have come together with faculty and alumni to spend 10 months designing and developing SCADpad.

SCADpad is comprised of three residential “microhouses”, a park, a community garden, a technology workstation and recreational areas. Here is a brief overview of how they look:

One of the SCADpads, pictured above, features rubber mats on the walls which are detailed with copper nailheads and small pockets, which can hold belongings such as flower vases, and books which is a great space saver.

You may not want this much personalisation in your garage, but we offer a variety of handles and hinges so you can make your garage your own!

The Community Garden is watered with filtered wastewater from one of the SCADpads.  The Community Garden brings residents from the surrounding SCADpads together.

If you would like to add or change an existing door to open on to your garden, we make secure and stylish custom-made garage doors. Get in touch with us today and we can work with you to create the door you need.

How Select Garage Doors can help you

Whilst we don’t expect this kind of home to take off particularly soon around the UK, Select Garage Doors can help you make the most out of your garage space, with our great selection of doors.

Whether you want to turn yours into a gym, a bar or even a man cave, we can help you make your new home safe, by ensuring your garage door is as safe and secure as possible, or helping you bring some daylight in with our fitted window options.