91-year-old man smashes car through garage door

91-year-old man smashes car through garage door

91-year-old man smashes car through the garage door as part of bucket list

If you're ready for a new garage door, there are several ways to go about getting rid of your old one - have the fitters of your new door remove it and dispose of it, put it in a skip or load it into a van and take it to a scrapyard.

A great-great-grandfather from Illinois, USA, had a different idea! Walter Thomas, 91, had always wanted to experience the feeling of driving into - or rather through - a garage door in a car.

As the only item on Walter's bucket list, when the opportunity came for him to fulfil his dream he, of course, jumped at the chance, and his friends and family happily helped.

Friends were having their garage demolished, so the where was taken care of, and Walter's grandson managed to source as SUV to be driven as the weapon of choice.

And so, buckled in and with a racing helmet safely on, Walter ticked off the only item he had ever had on his bucket list.

"I hit the gas, squealed the tires and bang — we went through the door." - Mr Thomas

So, was it everything Walter had hoped it would be?

"It was thrilling to get to do it after all these years which I thought would never happen. It was like breaking a wooden box.
I don't know what I could do to top it. I'm getting old to top anything. Just live life to the extreme."

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