5 Unique Ways To Use Your Garage

5 Unique Ways To Use Your Garage

The problem with your garage is not space, but its purpose. All too often, garages are used as the go-to dumping ground for all those odds and ends you no longer need but don't have the heart to throw away.

Pretty soon it is filled to the brim with decades-old decorations, designs and debris scattered across your once tidy garage floor! And before you know it, the car has been demoted to the driveway seeing as there's no room for it amongst the hordes of clutter.

As a leading manufacturer of bespoke made to measure garage doors in the UK, we believe that garages should be utilised to their full potential. Don't succumb to the ordinary secondary use of a disorganised storage room but instead, take inspiration from this blog post:

1) Man Cave

The garage is often considered a “man's domain” with its dusky walls, toolkits and tattered interiors. So, why not take advantage of this personal space, guys! This is your chance for the ultimate conversion project that will allow you some downtime out of sight from prying eyes.

This can be a simple conversion since a man cave needs to be stripped back with just the bare essentials on display, such as comfortable chairs, a couch, home entertainment, video games and perhaps a refrigerator to keep all those beers chilled.

2) Guest Room

How many times do you have visitors? If you find yourself with friends, family and distant relatives visiting then it's time to consider a guest room. Not only is your garage the perfect room for your guests to stay in, but it can be transformed into a “guest suite.”

It may not be your first choice for a guest room, but with a few homey touches, your garage can soon be transformed into the most comfortable environment. Surprise your guests with a large couch, beanbags, blankets and comforters to leave them feeling warm and snug!

3) Gym Room

For a family who likes to stay in shape, there's no better use for all that space than a home gym! You may need to make a few structural modifications before getting started, such as making sure there is enough ventilation and strong walls and floors to support the lifting of heavy equipment.

The most important thing to consider is not to overcrowd the gym - but to leave room for people to move around without getting in each other's way.

4) Home Office

If you're self-employed you will understand how distractions can manifest from the slightest things. That biscuit tin has been calling your name, all day! For this reason, the garage makes the perfect workplace with little reason to break away from the job in hand.

You will not be interrupted but do make sure you have everything to hand, such as your Wi-Fi, a printer, desk and pens. A fridge with drinks will also relieve some stress and keep you hydrated before reaching your deadlines.

5) Theatre

If your house is filled with movie fans, this will be a popular renovation project! For this, you will need a large mounted flat-screen TV (the bigger, the better), a DVD or BluRay player and speakers to prep your garage for the ultimate cinema experience.

Make sure your garage is well protected if you are going to store expensive items in there. Garages are the easiest point of entry for unexpected guests looking to gain access to your most treasured possessions. If you are looking for the ultimate security barrier to offer you peace of mind, our Euro-Lock & Bars keep your cinema reserved for VIP guests only.

If you are looking to convert your garage into a spectacle to be admired, our selection of stylish Garage Door Accessories will keep your home protected and looking fabulous.

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