5 homeowner tips for garage door safety month

5 homeowner tips for garage door safety month

June is Garage Door Safety Month and what better way to recognise the importance of securing your garage space than reading some top tips to keep you and your family safe this summer.

The humble garage has come a long way in terms of style and material over the years. It’s important to note the functionality of the garage has changed too. Did you know that over 70% of homeowners access their homes directly through a garage, rather than the front door?

On average a garage door is opened and closed around four times a day and, with the warmer months, this number often increases as we use our garages to access bikes, sports gear and camping equipment etc. Ensuring your home is secure at all times will give you worry-free, convenient access to your home.

1) Playing with the doors

It’s unsettling to hear that almost 100 children are injured each year playing with garage doors. Whether it’s messing with the hinges, scooting at lighting speed in and out as the garage doors closes or even playing with the operating systems, it’s dangerous and can seriously harm your children. To prevent this, it’s simply a matter of educating your children that garage doors are not toys and must not be the subject of their games.

2) Do it yourself, eh?

Installing a garage door is no easy feat and aside from being tricky to fit if you’re a novice, they are extremely dangerous. At Select Garage Doors we help find qualified, local suppliers in the North of England, Midlands and some areas in the South, who will fit the garage door for you in no time. It’s a service that goes the extra mile so that you don’t have to.

3) Smooth operator

If you find your door’s operation is a little rusty, this may lead to an unsafe condition when exiting your garage. Even older doors should open without a hitch, so this cannot be assumed to be the reason for damage. If the problem persists when manually operated, there could be a spring out of place. These spring systems, if not properly maintained, over time can rust and cause wear and tear on other key garage door components. Make sure you contact our professional team of garage door manufacturers for honest advice and guidance if you notice a potential hazard with your garage door.

4) Regular maintenance

It may seem obvious but the most effective way to ensure your garage door operates smoothly long term is to perform monthly inspections. This includes checking the door springs for wear and tear, loose brackets or frayed and worn cables.

You should never attempt to remove, adjust or repair these by yourself in the hope of a quick fix. This could lead to serious injury and you could be in danger of doing more harm than good. Best leave it to professionals who are fully trained and equipped to make the necessary adjustments and replacements.

5) “Shut the door behind you!”

It’s a phrase we use almost every day when speaking to our children, and sometimes our other half. “Shut that door behind you, will you?” You wouldn’t dream of leaving your front door open, encouraging the world to spy into your home, so what’s the difference with your garage? Making sure your garage is closed behind you will not only secure your property but prevent the kids running a riot in and out of your home.

Hopefully, this has given you some enlightening tips to take with you into garage door safety month and beyond with increased awareness of keeping your family safe and secure at all times. Looking for more advice on garage doors? Head over to our help & guidance page for everything you need to know about choosing the best garage door for you.

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