5 Craziest Things Ever Found In A Garage

5 Craziest Things Ever Found In A Garage

Here at Select Garage Doors, we've been making and selling made to measure garage doors across the UK for almost 15 years now.

So it's fair to say we've seen and been in a considerable number of garages.

Along the way, our team have seen and found some interesting objects but the below 5 items take strangeness to a whole new level!

Will you be having a clear-out of your garage this spring? If you find anything bizarre we'd love to hear your stories. But don't forget to make sure your garage safe and secure with one of our bespoke garage doors.

1. 18th Century Jewish Manuscript

History of Jews in France

When: 8th October 2013
Where: UK
: A 300-year-old manuscript was found in a garage in and amongst the rubbish during a house clearance.

The 18th-century manuscript was discovered in a cardboard box in a Bury garage and was handwritten in Jewish religious text.

2. 'Spanish' Cat

Spanish Cat

Image courtesy of South Birmingham Cats Protection

Where: Aberdeenshire
: What's wrong with finding a 'Spanish cat' we hear you cry? Well not much...except when it is in Scotland.

A cat was found in a garage in Aberdeenshire that had been microchipped in Spain.

The shorthaired tabby had been registered in Las Palmas in Fuerteventura and its owner had emigrated to the UK but not updated the address details. The rightful owner was eventually tracked down and the pair were reunited.


3. A Mummy

Mummy Found
Image courtesy of USA Today.

When: March 2014
Where: USA
: A mummified body was discovered in the garage of a home that had been foreclosed.

Neighbours believed that the woman in question had moved out because she hadn't been seen in years. However, a contractor working on the foreclosed home found her mummified body in the back seat of a car parked in the garage.

It has been estimated that the woman had been dead for at least six years without anyone knowing.

4. Pristine 1967 Corvette

When: 2011
Where: Colorado Springs, US
: If this story doesn't encourage you to be nicer to your neighbours, we'll be surprised.

A woman called Don McNamara died in 2011 and left her entire estate to her next-door neighbours. When they went round to review the house and its belongings, they discovered a 1968 427 390 horsepower 1968 Chevrolet Corvette.

The owner had reportedly bought the 47-year-old car with money won from a trip to Las Vegas and its V8 engine had only been used to drive 2,996 miles. According to reports, it still had that new car smell.

The vehicle was auctioned and it reportedly went for around £75,000.

5. WW1 Machine Gun

WWI Machine Gun
Image courtesy of The Telegraph

When: September 2014
Where: UK
: A man in St. Alban's was arrested after it was discovered that he had been using his garage to store military arsenal including bombs, hand grenades and a World War II machine gun.

For more than 40 years the man had been digging up artillery, ammunition and uniforms from both world worlds without permission and collecting them in his garage.

It is reported that army bomb disposal officers were called to examine the collection and all the artefacts were destroyed.

So there you have 5 of the craziest things ever found in garages from around the world!

Remember, you can keep all your items locked away safely and securely with our help. We are, after all, one of the UK's leading manufacturers of side hinged garage doors.

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